Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit

(by LouieSchwartzberg)

As if polluting an entire hemisphere’s worth of the ocean with plastic weren’t enough, we’ve also poisoned the food chain. Congrats, humanity. We’re fucked.

I’m not sure if my self esteem has narcissistically inflated itself to astronomical heights, or if I’m a key player in one of the most ridiculous and shameful parables of all time.  Either way, it’s just so hard to deny I’m enjoying the confusion. 


pixelastronaut  | ˈpiksəlˈastrəˌnôt | 


a human exploring the metaphysically divergent digital realm.


astronaut | ˈastrəˌnôt |


a person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft.


astronautical |ˌastrəˈnôtikəl| adjective

ORIGIN 1920s: from astro- , on the pattern of aeronaut and aquanaut.